Meet Matte Black

Forget Joe Black, it’s time to get yourself acquainted with Matte Black. Just as good looking, but decidedly less dull.

Yohei Guy from ArchiPro says “the finish of 2022” is matte black because it “stands out against the serene shades that go in most bathrooms. It also looks great in a more modern space with clean lines.”

Arabella Youens from Homes and Gardens agrees, “Black kitchen ideas are having something of a moment…black becomes liveable, luxe and inviting, with textured woods adding rustic, homely charm.”

And when it comes to black, the Arqstone Oros range, in our Fusion collection, made from natural quartz and resin for lasting strength and durability packs a punch. 

Our engineered quartz Arqstone Oros products are resistant to stains, scratches and impacts, can withstand high temperatures, and are non-porous, making them the ideal material for bathrooms and kitchens. 

And while Arqstone Oros also comes in a winning white, its black finish is something we’re particularly excited about.

Seima’s Marketing Manager, Victoria Segredos, says that when it came to creating the Arqstone Oros range the design team wanted to play with different tones of black and white to create the ultimate shade in both.

“Tone is really important to us, and the Arqstone Oros range has a smooth texture while still looking earthy and natural — it really is something very special,” she says. “We also wanted to make sure that we created the perfect black and white.”

According to Victoria, highly textured black can complicate a room and take up too much visual space, so it was important to get the balance right.

“Black can make a lot of noise in a kitchen, and while it’s very much on-trend, we wanted our black sinks to complement rather than complicate,” she says.

“Our Arqstone Oros’quartz resin mix is made with a really deep shade of black, so it’s alluring and doesn’t look cheap.

“It’s a beautiful black because it provides a little bit of sheen and visual texture which adds interest and makes it look premium.”

And for the purists, who prefer traditional all-white kitchens, Arqstone Oros white range is just as appealing.

“Our white Arqstone Oros sinks are very exciting, we agonised over the perfect white, and what we’ve come up with is something that isn’t flat, it’s multidimensional,” Victoria says.

“Flat white can look a bit plastic or tacky, but if you go too far down the grainy track it can look dirty — very similar to the black — we went for a really nice crisp white with a unique visual texture, that has optical dimension, but is actually smooth to touch.” 

In terms of colour, Victoria says that the Arqstone Oros white sits right in the middle of cool and warm.

“The current sink market only really offers very warm white tones, or whites that are so cool they almost give off a blue hue, which can look a bit stark in a kitchen — again you want to complement not complicate the space,” Victoria says.

“We made sure that we matched colour swatches of a quarter strength china white, white on white, and a number of other common wall whites and paired our Arqstone Oros white with all of them — it just looks stunning and also works well with both Calacatta Marble and Carrara Marble.”

Ready to meet Matte? Explore Seima’s Arqstone Oros range today. 

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