It’s all about colour

Colour is having a renaissance in bathroom and kitchen designs, and we couldn’t be more here for it.

At Seima, enhancing the unique colours and textures of our natural materials is essential to the design process — we don’t stop until we know we’ve got the balance just right.

Our Aurora range has been a particularly exciting product for our team to work on, as it’s provided us with the opportunity to really play with colour.

And when it comes to colour we’re always looking for the right balance between timeless design and the latest trends.

In a recent Design Files article by Amelia Barnes, she explores the latest colour forecast from Dulux, with three inspiring palettes “set to dominate our homes” in 2022 — and our new Aurora range hues were well represented.

According to Barnes, the colours of 2022 seem to represent a sense of renewal, after a particularly bleak few years globally.

“The Restore palette is all about natural fibres, materials and the earthy colours found in nature,” Barnes writes. “(It) consists of gentle, earth-based neutrals alongside more rugged, natural tones; buttercream, pumice, deep blue, clay, rich forest green, moss and charcoal-purple.

“The vibrant Flourish palette is a “sensual palette” that includes colours that provide “a feeling of warmth and intimacy” including: petrol blue, desert red and dusty rose, with a touch of vintage gold.

While the final palette, Wonder, is more whimsical, fun and bright.

“Wonder is a palette of unbridled joy featuring light pastels and playful, summery hues such as cornflower blue, lilac, lemon, green quartz and rose gold,” Barnes adds.

Inspired by the dynamic, ever-changing light show of our own Aurora Australis, our Aurora range boasts a spectrum of truly unique hues that play beautifully into these on-trend aesthetics, while also providing timeless elegance and appeal.

Marketing Manager, Victoria Segredos, has an exacting eye for colour and texture, and says that Seima plays “beyond trends” to create timeless pieces that will look great now, and into the future.

“When it came to our Aurora range, we agonised over the colours, we wanted to get them absolutely perfect,” Victoria says. 

“You see a lot of colourful sinks on the market right now that are bright and fun, but almost have a cheap, lolly look about them.”

The Aurora range includes classic colours fashioned with current trends and longevity in mind, including Rose Quartz, Winter Sea and our signature Forest Green.

Aurora provides that splash of colour modern bathrooms are crying out for, with a really nice tone and texture that gives it an elegance — they’re for bathrooms that are a little more classy,” Victoria says.

“We chose to take our time with these, we never launch our products quickly, it’s important to get the colours, texture and design just right — we’re meticulous.

“We want to make sure that in ten years time, they won’t date.”

But it doesn’t just stop at colour. Victoria says the Aurora basin designs have been thoughtfully crafted not only for their form, but also their functionality.

“This is a very personal range of shapes, designs and colours that represents the peak of our bathroom ware designers’ skills,” Victoria says.

“But they are also practical basins, made with Vitreous china and our Superclay Ceramic, which allows us to play with superfine rims and slender precise lines, while also providing basins of exceptional durability.”

Victoria says that while practical, the Aurora range also has a beautiful sculptural appeal.

“The Aurora 385 is a piece of art, it has a very subtle shadow line to give it a floating look, it’s a real point of difference,” she says.

“The 380 is classy and timeless, it’s got a mid-century feel while still being contemporary. It’s a real all rounder really, with a shallow dish style, but it’s deceivingly deep so it won’t splash like other shallow basins.”

But it’s the Aurora 530 that Victoria can’t stop talking about.

“This is my baby, the ultimate labour of love,” she says about the 530 Above Counter Basin.

“The proportions are absolutely perfect for an elliptical basin — it’s not big and chunky like concrete basins can be.

“Because we’re doing it in ceramic, it has a really fine sculptural quality to it — it’s really elegant and so on trend.”

Bring life and colour to your bathroom with Seima’s Aurora range. Explore the basins today.

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