A Material Moment

At Seima, we’re obsessed with materials.

Whether it’s the textures, natural colours, or durability, our materials inspire us to imagine, innovate and create high-quality products that will flow perfectly with your personal aesthetic, and your lifestyle.

Some of the biggest design trends right now are all about materials, and we couldn’t be more excited to showcase the diverse range of products we have on offer to fulfil this design aesthetic perfectly.

So let’s look at what the taste makers are saying, and how Seima’s products can line up with their luxe design directions.

TREND #1: Embrace the Zen

According to Yohei Guy from ArchiPro, one of the top design-trends for bathrooms right now is the “spa-like aesthetic”, which he says is simple to achieve with white.

“What’s lighter and airier and more serene than a classic white bathroom — complete with the white dressing gown, too?” he writes.

“There’s a reason why simple white bathroom furniture is very much in style. People want their bathrooms to feel like retreats or sanctuaries they can visit in their own homes.”

Our ceramic Arko range, from the Elevate Collection, fits perfectly with this aesthetic. It’s ultra-smooth, but also really easy to take care of.

The nanoglaze coating, used on our toilets, is six times smoother than an ordinary glaze, and baked into the ceramic surface. The ultra-smooth surface resists grime and bacteria, keeping the ceramic surface clean and bright for that spa-like appeal, while also making it easier to clean.

TREND #2 – Be brave, be bold, go marble

Mikki Brammer from Architectural Digest also says that bold statements, using natural stone materials, are having a moment this year.

“All of our experts agree that the bathroom is a place to go bold this year,” she writes.

“That boldness also extends to natural materials, as people become more daring in their choices of stone.”

Arabella Youens from Homes and Gardens agrees, saying: “If there’s one thing that’s storming the style charts and shaking up interiors, it’s the return of marble.”

“A popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms, it is also highly sustainable; its durability, classic attributes and ability to withstand passing trends makes it a good investment” she says.

Our Marstone Tavi basins are the ideal centrepiece for any bathroom, and make a bold statement while adding some serious luxury.

Marstone Tavi is a durable and easy to clean solid surface material, made from dolomitic marble and resin. It is then glazed to achieve a beautiful smooth finish — ideal for bathroom basins.

“Marbles with naturally strong veining add statement value and create a textural contract between other polished surfaces, metals and woods,” Youens adds.

For a striking marbled statement our black Marquina Marble and peach Galala Marble basins are perfect for achieving this look, with their unique veining and natural textures that will really make your bathroom sing.

Find a striking material that suits your unique bathroom aesthetic by exploring Seima’s product range today.

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