Simplicity: the ultimate form of sophistication

Revered artist and engineer, Leonardo DaVinci, once said “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” 

At Seima — being innovators, engineers and designers at heart ourselves — we couldn’t agree more, with the basins in our Marstone Tavi range being designed with DaVinci’s ethos in mind. 

Created in collaboration with architects and designers, the Marstone Tavi range — which forms part of our Fusion collection — adds a streamlined, minimal and crisp aesthetic to any bathroom, explains Victoria Segredos, Seima’s Marketing Manager. 

“The Marstone Tavi range is so beautifully understated,” she said. 

“Being so intentionally designed, these basins are proportionally beautiful, especially in the fine-ness of the rim.

“Whether you feature these basins in a minimalist, ‘all white everything’ bathroom, or a bathroom full of textures like wood, stone and marble; the Marstone Tavi range is guaranteed to bring a sense of sophistication, harmony and calm.” 

Crafted from ancient dolomitic marble expertly mixed with resin, each basin is glazed with a special coating to achieve a beautiful, smooth matte finish.

Not only do the basins in the Marstone Tavi range look and feel good — they also give flexibility in design, and are easy to clean too.

“The marble is expertly mixed with resin and cast,” Victoria said, “so that’s what allows us to get those incredibly fine lines and tight radiuses within the bowls, and gives us a lot of flexibility in design.

“We also like to make sure our products are easy to clean.

“All you need to do to keep your Marstone basin in top condition is regularly clean it with warm soapy water, just as you would ceramic.”

To add a sense of simplicity and sophistication to your bathroom, explore the basins in Seima’s Marstone Tavi range and Fusion collection today.

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