Bathroom trends for 2024

A new year means a fresh start and an opportunity to explore the new bathroom trends and styles expected to reign in 2024.

While often viewed as passing phases, recent bathroom design trends are increasingly evolutions on previous years, providing more timeless options than the fast-moving trends seen in some other areas of the home.

Since 2020, bathroom designs have shifted focus from purely functional, or appealing to guests, to become sanctuaries for primary users. It’s this highly personal and individual approach that is reflected in the trends we are seeing for 2024.  

Softer spaces

While classic white bathrooms will always have their place, 2024 will see a movement increasingly towards a gentler approach that can turn a functional space into one which is more inviting and relaxing to be in.

Classic white paints and tiles are giving way to warm neutrals with yellow, brown and orange undertones, infusing the softness and warmth of nature into your bathroom. 

Adding neutral decor and homewares made from elements like marble, concrete or terrazzo are the perfect opportunity to introduce depth and texture, transforming your bathroom from simple into elegant.

This look can be enhanced by fluted elements, which continue to excite interior designers as we move into 2024. Whether applied to baths and sinks, as seen in Seima’s elegant Cleo range, or smaller decorative items, fluting is the perfect choice to introduce shadow and shape in a neutral space and complement the warmer feel.


Peach Fuzz was recently named Pantone Colour of the Year for 2024, reflecting an ongoing trend of traditionally feminine colours and styles being embraced. 

As homeowners are becoming less focused on a distant future resale of their home and more on creating spaces which are unique, bold and reflective of personal taste, the Wildflower trend is tipped to be a standout trend this year. 

Homes filled with pastel coloured walls, light fittings and cosy spaces have allowed people to create a space that is uniquely them. 

The bold trend also extends to bathrooms, where floral wallpaper, antique tap fittings, statement towels, and boldly coloured tiles are making a splash. 

This style can be complemented by Seima’s Aurora range, featuring carefully crafted basins in a range of colours, including soft rose quartz, forest green, winter sea, and smoky taupe.

Freestanding Baths

While not a new trend, the elegance of the freestanding bath is one that many predict will continue into 2024, a testament to the longevity of this trend. 

Few other bathroom inclusions can make a statement like this luxurious addition, which has also proven flexible to different aesthetics and able to adapt to different styles over time. Seima’s Arko range of freestanding baths is perfectly complemented by Smartfill, a revolutionary system that eliminates the need for a standing tap and instead fills directly into the bath. This adds an additional level of elegance and reduces bathroom clutter for a seamless look.

Spathrooms 2.0

Another bathroom trend showing no signs of slowing down is creating a private spa experience within your home. However, this trend will evolve in 2024 and become more personalised to individual homes. 

While items like free-standing baths, clean lines and natural materials remain central to achieving the spa-like feel, there is an increased emphasis on creating an experience for the senses unique to your sensory preferences. 

Homeowners are increasingly seeking custom aromatherapy and hidden built-in speakers that set the tone as they enter the room. Prioritising on the comforting sensation of heated floors and bespoke gentle lighting adds to the experience and creates a truly immersive and rejuvenating experience within your home.

A bathroom as unique as you

The upcoming trends for 2024 paint a vivid picture of bathrooms as more than mere functional spaces; they are also reflections of our individuality and a space of daily rejuvenation.

And while trends come and go, 2024’s new approach to bathroom design allows for timelessness and personality to sit comfortable alongside each other. 

From an elegant freestanding bath or statement fluted basin, to the funkiest tile and aromatherapy crafted specifically for you, this year’s trends give space to infuse your taste with current moods. 

To discuss how to select the right bathroom inclusions to complement your design aesthetic, you can book a Selection Appointment with one of our experienced sales staff (only available in SA, Qld or WA) or view the range at a Showroom or Retailer close to you. 

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