Circular Serenity: creating an indulgent bathroom oasis with Arko 130

In the realm of modern Australian bathrooms, creating a spa-like oasis at home has become highly desirable. Product selection plays a pivotal role in achieving luxurious ambiance, with freestanding baths emerging as captivating centerpieces. Moving away from traditional designs, round baths are taking the spotlight and redefining relaxation.

Circular baths offer a new level of indulgence and style, to elevate the bathing experience. Their steep sides and compact dimensions allow users to sink into a seated position and immerse themselves completely in self-care. Aesthetically, their form departs from sharp angles to soft curved edges able to seamlessly integrate with modern bathroom trends.  

The latest addition to our Arko range, is the Arko 130 round bath.

Our elegant freestanding bath, embodies the confident roundness and clean lines synonymous with existing Arko products. Arko 130 is made from sanitary grade acrylic, with a 1300mm diameter, integrated slot overflow and White Gloss or White Matte finish. Click here to explore the product’s full specifications.

Drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese Soaking Tubs, our round bath aims to transform the act of bathing into a holistic, sensory experience. Its deep round shape provides excellent heat retention, while its overall proportions are ideal for shared bathing experiences.

This featured seaside spa-throom was centred around our luxurious Arko 130 bath. The modern space combined white and grey material selections with honed terracotta pavers, detailed timber cabinetry, forest green feature tiles and on trend gunmetal tapware. While the round bath remained the focal point, our Arko Floor Mount toilet with Flush Plate 500 in Gunmetal and Arko 361 basin, also featured.  

As at-home spa experiences continue to influence residential interiors, the demand for sophisticated and luxurious products also strengthens. Our Arko 130 freestanding bath embodies circular serenity, adding a touch of elegance to any bathroom oasis. Whether placed as the centerpiece or tucked away in a tranquil corner, the distinctive bath will act as a timeless piece that enhances your lifestyle for years to come.

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