Fluted features: adding elegant curves to your bathroom

As designers seek to soften the hard surfaces in a bathroom using new materials and textures, fluting can be the perfect solution to infuse softness and style into your bathroom.

Fluting is a timeless trend that explores texture and depth, by creating gentle curves, subtle shadowing, and a statement piece that we all desire in our bathrooms. It’s flexible enough to match any style or bathroom size. Whether you’re incorporating it into major fixtures like baths and sinks or simply through styling and lighting, fluting has become one of the hottest bathroom trends of 2023, with endless possibilities for integration.

Basin and Baths

For those seeking a sophisticated element to give their bathrooms that ‘wow’ factor, consider a fluted basin or bath. 

As freestanding baths continue to enjoy their moment, experimentation with materials and colour has become the norm. Baths with a fluted element elevate this bathroom essential to a new luxurious level. The long vertical lines add a sense of grandeur, particularly in bathrooms with high ceilings. This is perfectly complemented by the fluted basin, which employs subtle shadowing to add an elevated look to your master bathroom.

Glass and Wall Panels

Privacy is of paramount importance in bathroom spaces, and the addition of fluted glass offers both privacy and elegance, giving a unique look to your space.

Frosted glass has been a popular choice for bathrooms over the years, and fluting brings a much-needed modern twist to it. Utilising frosted glass with a fluted profile instantly elevates the look while providing ample screening. Whether you opt for an intricate design or a simple single pane of textured glass, fluted panels add visual interest to what is often an overlooked element in your bathroom design.The classic white ceramic wall tile is increasingly being set aside as homeowners seek to make a statement through textured materials or the introduction of colour via paint or even wallpaper. While textured tiles have their place, a fluted wall panel can add depth and interest to a classic neutral bathroom or introduce a captivating new accent to coloured or wooden-panelled walls.

Vanity Units

A centrepiece of the modern bathroom, the vanity unit has evolved from a purely functional item to a style statement that sets the tone for your entire bathroom design. Much like with wall panels, fluting introduces movement and creates a subtle feature in your bathroom, complementing the gentle curve of a sink or bench top.

This holds particularly true for natural products like wood or marble, where the gentle curve of a fluted vanity highlights the organic patterns in the material. Whether applied to the front of cupboards, drawers, or side panels, the addition of fluted panels injects a sense of fun and transforms the vanity into a work of art. Available in a wide range of materials and finishes, integrating a fluted vanity unit with various interior styles and bathroom sizes is a breeze.

Lighting and Accessories

If you’re not ready to commit to larger pieces or are looking to complement your larger items, fluted accessories are the perfect way to experiment with this design trend and its incorporation into your style.

For those with ample space, a fluted bench or side table can be an intriguing addition and a creative style option, easily moved to another area of the house if needed. 

Fluted decorative bowls or vases also require minimal effort and cost to incorporate. Available in a wide range of materials and colours, you have the freedom to mix and match to your heart’s content.

Fluting can also be observed in lighting options, including pendant lights and lamps. Many fixtures offer a modern take on chandelier shapes or an art deco impression, and their gentle curves diffuse the light, creating a softer and more intimate space.

Fluting can also be incorporated into mirror finishes, creating the perfect complement to your other fluted elements.

In perfect harmony

When it comes to fluting, Seima Marketing Manager Victoria Segredos believes it’s all about visual and tactile balance. 

“Fluting elements work best when they are complemented with other bathroom elements to create a cohesive style,” Victoria said. 

“However, too many fluted elements creates a forced look and loses the timeless elegance that these features are known for.

“Think about your bathroom as a whole and look online to find examples that you like, and you will strike the perfect look.”

Seima’s Elevate Collection brings together soft shapes and defined artistic lines in a perfect unison of form and function. This collection is in flow with an appreciation for aesthetics, modern design and individual expression.

It includes the Cleo range of gentle fluted basins and baths to add a visual and tactile delight to your bathroom. 

The fluted basins are available in a range of shapes and sizes, this range offers elegant smooth ceramic interiors combined with beautiful fluted exteriors to add depth and interest to your modern bathroom.

For more information on the Cleo Range, please click here.  

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