Selecting the right toilet for your space

When imagining your ideal bathroom design, it’s common to start with selecting elegant tiles, spectacular tapware, and discovering the latest shades in mounted basins.

Few of us, however, think of the humble loo. 

While the position of your toilet is often a key part of planning a bathroom, in the past, a lack of options meant there were few considerations to be made. 

Fortunately, the toilet has come a long way in recent years, as practicality has been matched by style and innovation.

There are now three main types of toilet with different style and functionality benefits to suit any bathroom layout or design choice. So let us run you through them.

Can’t beat a classic

For those looking for a timeless look, the wall faced toilet is ideal.

Wall faced toilets sit directly on the floor and flat against the wall, creating a seamless look.

This modern take on a classic style hides the pipe work at the back of the toilet, for a sleek look to suit most design styles.

It is also one of the easiest styles to install. Wall faced toilets are designed to work the traditional in-home plumbing which is generally connected through the floor. This also makes things simple for those looking to simply refresh, rather than completely renovate, an existing bathroom. 

It is also easy to maintain, as you can easily access the cistern if any issues arise, creating a fuss free option for homeowners. And you don’t have to scrounge around on your hands and knees to clean between the toilet and the wall.

A moment for the minimalist

If you are planning a clean modern design, the wall hung toilet is an increasingly popular option for an understated look.

This minimalist design ensures your toilet doesn’t become a feature of your bathroom, but instead blends in with other key elements.

The wall hung toilet has a hidden cistern in the wall cavity and usually floats a couple of centimeters, to a few inches, off the ground. This offers an additional sense of space and design.

Perfect for new or completely remodelled bathrooms, this toilet requires a steel frame hidden from view inside the wall cavity to provide the necessary support.

It is also the ideal choice for compact spaces, with the hidden cistern reducing the impact it makes on your floor plan and offering more space for a shower, vanity or storage. 

It also offers a unique level of customisability, with the ability to install the basin at different heights to suit the needs of your home. 

While simple, there are also subtle differences between products to fit your style, and a range of custom flush plates are available for an additional personal touch. 

Best of both worlds

Floor mount toilets are the perfect choice for a sophisticated minimal design that outlasts the trends, by combining some of the best features of the wall faced and wall hung toilets.

Similar to the wall faced style, the hidden cistern minimises the space taken up on your floor plan. It also significantly reduces noise, making it a great option for an ensuite or a bathroom located near bedrooms. 

However, unlike the wall hung design, additional supports are not required for the toilet, saving time and money in installation.

Like the wall faced design, this style connects to the floor and is missing the gap between the bottom of the bowl and the floor, which offers a unique look which may better suit personal style or preference. 

The floor connection also allows the toilet to connect with existing in-floor plumbing, which can be handy when renovating.

So which one is right for me?

While you may have a toilet design that you would like in your home, your first consideration should be the level of change you are planning to make to your bathroom.

Bathroom renovations can range from a simple face lift to a completely new build, and the toilet style you select needs to match the changes you are planning, or willing, to make to existing plumbing or walls. 

You also want to ensure your toilet matches the overall style of your bathroom. 

Within each toilet design, there are style options, including a square or rounded shape and custom flush plates to match the rest of your bathroom. 

As always, our Seima experts are more than happy to talk you through your options to ensure your toilet is a feature of your bathroom, and not the main event. 

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