Toilet Colour - Colour Flush Buttons for Arko+Modia+Limni Wall Faced White Matte, Black Matte, Brushed Nickel, Gunmetal, Brushed Gold

Now you can customise the colour of your toilet flush buttons to complement your bathroom design.
  • Colours: White Matte, Black Matte, Brushed Nickel, Gunmetal and Brushed Gold.
  • Available for wall faced toilet suites - Arko, Modia, Limni
  • Toilet seat hinge covers are also available, separately.
Note: Flush buttons for all toilets are supplied in Chrome as standard. The chrome buttons can be replaced with the colour buttons chosen.
  • Colour Brushed Gold, Brushed Nickel, Gunmetal, Black Matte, White Matte
  • Type / Mount Floor Mount, Toilet Accessories, Wall Faced, Wall Hung

Product Variants


White Matte$77.00Black Matte$77.00Brushed Nickel$77.00Gunmetal$77.00Brushed Gold$77.00

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