Standing the test of time

From the Ancient Egyptians to the Ancient Greeks, the Roman Empire to the Renaissance Period, natural stone has proven a favourite material of architects and builders throughout history. 

With its undeniable strength and beauty, it’s no wonder natural stone has stood the test of time, and is a feature of many modern bathrooms today. 

Seima’s Lithos range — part of our Fusion collection — features basins carved from Sandstone, Galala Marble and Nero Marquina Marble, that are beautifully handcrafted with a smooth honed finish, and designed to make a statement in any bathroom, Victoria Segredos, Seima’s Marketing Manager, explains.

“Each piece is unique, just as nature intended.

“The natural colours and variations of the stone offer depth and subtlety, and a mood of rawness and authenticity to any bathroom.

“The sandstone basin is a rich, smoky grey, reminiscent of concrete, and the Galala Marble is just the most gorgeous warm-toned peachy-pink.

“My favourite — the Nero Marquina Marble — is just epic.

“The depth of colour, the striking, strong veins speckled with white, silver and gold…it’s absolutely mesmerising. I could stare at it for days!”

No matter the stone you choose, these basins are designed to be the focal point of any bathroom. 

While statement pieces in their own right, each basin in the Lithos range was designed by Seima to suit a range of bathroom styles.

“The Lithos basins are really quite versatile,” Victoria said.

“They suit bathrooms with a minimal aesthetic, right through to bathrooms featuring Balinese or Mediterranean influences. 

“There’s nothing I wouldn’t pair them with, especially if you’re seeking to create a bathroom with a natural aesthetic, that becomes a true sanctuary within your home.” 

In addition to its style and versatility, natural stone makes an excellent choice within the bathroom thanks to its outstanding durability — in particular, when compared to concrete. 

“At Seima, we only use the highest quality materials, and can guarantee that the durability of the natural stone used in our Lithos range is second to none,” Victoria said. 

“Natural stone has been around for millennia, and compared to concrete, these basins are worlds apart.

“We explored developing a range manufactured from concrete, but at the end of the day, didn’t want to put our name to a material that we felt wasn’t top-quality. 

“Concrete by nature is quite porous — even if you seal it — and it’s also brittle which makes it prone to cracking and chipping.

“You don’t want to be worried that if something drops on it, you’ll get a chip or a hairline crack.

“If you like the look of concrete, a sandstone basin is a better option, giving you the best of both worlds: the look of concrete, with all the benefits of natural stone.” 

By regularly cleaning and maintaining your natural stone basin, it’ll last for generations to come. 

“They’re so easy to care for,” Victoria said. “Just wash with some warm soapy water, apply a stone sealer from your local hardware store every couple of years (which takes five minutes), and you’ll have it forever.


Explore how Seima’s Fusion collection and Lithos range could enhance the look of your bathroom today.

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