Material influence on sink selection in the kitchen and laundry

Sinks continue to evolve while remaining the focal point of the domestic kitchen and laundry. Today, these essential fixtures not only satisfy practical needs, but complement the overall aesthetic of the home.

Materials have a significant impact on kitchen and laundry sink selection. Whether searching for durability, elegance or modern design, understanding the characteristics of a sink’s materiality helps to make an informed decision.

Stainless Steel

At Seima we offer a variety of stainless steel sinks across our; Acero, Leto, Kubic and Tetra ranges.

Stainless steel sinks are durable and long lasting, making them the quintessential choice for high-trafficked kitchens and laundries. Their hard non-porous surface is easy to maintain and clean and resists; scratches, ultraviolet light, chemicals, heat and limescale. Stainless steel sinks are also budget friendly and versatile in design, with options to compliment room styles from traditional to modern.

The kitchen shows our Leto 500 sink in a modern coastal apartment kitchen, alongside our Acero 007 sink in a classic practical laundry.


Ceramic sinks are having a renaissance, bringing a touch of elegance and charm to the modern home.

Ceramic options are available among our fluted Cleo, functional Eva and timeless Odessa ranges. The classic non-porous material is celebrated for its practical benefits, offering a hygienic surface that is effortless to clean and resilient against impact and heat. Our ceramic sinks have a desirable aesthetic appeal, with their soft curves and clean crisp finish.

The included examples demonstrate how a ceramic sink can be the statement piece in any contemporary interior. The kitchen integrates our Odessa 920 Workstation perfect for entertaining, while the laundry opposite features our elegant yet practical fluted Cleo 760 sink


Composite sinks are rapidly becoming a high-quality option for kitchen and laundry spaces.

Our innovative Arqstone range presents a variety of Oros sinks in many forms and configurations. Crafted for strength and durability from natural stone, Arqstone has a smooth texture that is hygienic and easy to clean. The valuable characteristics of a composite sink include; high natural mineral content and resistance to; stains, scratches, impact and heat. 

Oros sinks are monochrome, available in Arqstone White and Arqstone Black to elevate the aesthetics of any residential interior. The following examples feature our black Oros 1160 abovemount sink with drainer and white Oros 900 farmhouse apron front sink.

When considering materiality alongside functionality and design, the ideal sink can be selected for the kitchen and laundry. From the timeless appeal of stainless steel sinks, to the charm of ceramic forms and the durability of Arqstone, each material provides its advantages.

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