Pop-out Bath Waste – for non-overflow baths and all FlexiWaste Kits Innovative pop-out design

  • Range Seima Smart
Innovative easy-to-clean pop-out design -- anti-clog, anti-seize, pulls out

The Pop-out Bath Waste does exactly what its name suggests -- the top section of the waste simply pops out (or pulls out). This exposes any debris caught on the waste's prongs and gives clear access to the base of the waste, making it easy to keep the waste clean and clear.

Colour options: Chrome, Black Matte, White Gloss, White Matte, Brushed Nickel, Gunmetal and Brushed Gold.

Why a pop-OUT bath waste?

This Seima patented innovation has significant advantages including:
  • REMOVABLE The top of the waste is completely removable. Easy access, easy cleaning.
  • ANTI CLOG The 'prongs' catch debris (including hair) as it flows into the waste. The streamlined simplicity of this design makes it easy to keep clean and clear.
  • ANTI SEIZE The pop-out design eliminates the possibility of the plug seizing in the waste.
  • OPEN DESIGN The openness of the design promotes efficient drainage.

More features
  • PREMIUM QUALITY Durable, high quality finish -- all components are premium quality.
  • OVERFLOW + NON-OVERFLOW OPTIONS Available for overflow and non-overflow baths.
  • AUSTRALIAN STANDARD Connects to 40 mm pipework.
  • EFFICIENT Drains faster than alternative wastes.
  • Colour Black, Brushed Gold, Brushed Nickel, Chrome, Gunmetal, White, White Matte
  • Material metal
  • Type / Mount Bath Wastes and Kits

Product Variants


Black$115.50Chrome$115.50Brushed Nickel$137.50Gunmetal$137.50White Matte$176.00Brushed Gold$176.00White Gloss$176.00

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