Introducing our new Collections

Two years in the making, we’re thrilled to introduce our new Collections!

Infused with our passion for innovation and design, the Collections are a smart and cohesive way to categorise our high quality kitchen, laundry and bathroom ware.

The Collections — Essential, Foundation, Elevate, Fusion and Evolve — have been curated to help you walk your clients through the world of Seima, whether you’re setting up your sprawling township or renovating a client’s bathroom.

“We’re so excited to reveal our new Collections to the world, and enrich the selection process for all of our customers,” Victoria Segredos, Seima’s Marketing Manager said.

“No matter if you’re a showroom consultant, merchant, architect, designer or builder, the Collections have been created to make your life — and your customers’ lives — easier.

“We work with thousands of merchants, some of Australia’s largest builders as well as boutique builders and architects, and we want to make sure they have a cohesive range of products to help with their selections.”

Each Collection captures the essence of a similar group of products, centred around materials, aesthetics or practicality, and are designed to showcase Seima’s “granular upgrade approach”, Victoria said.

“We wanted to present a cohesive range of products to help industry professionals and consumers with their selections,” Victoria said.

“Our new Collections will help you showcase Seima’s granular upgrade approach, embedded within our product offering, to your clients.

“What that means is that throughout our whole product range — whether that’s basins, sinks or toilets — we take a ‘good, better, best’ approach to categorisation.”

The five Collections include:

The Essential Collection: your gateway to the world of Seima, featuring classic ranges including Chios and Tilos.

The Foundation Collection: focused on elegant shapes and durability, including the Syros, Kyra and Acero ranges.

The Elevate Collection: centred around modern design and individual expression including the Limni, Arko, Plati, Modia, Aurora, Kubic and Tetra ranges.

The Fusion Collection: which blends artistic shapes, colours and natural elements and includes the Marstone Tavi™ and Arqstone Oros™ ranges.

The Evolve Collection: revolving around the discovery of originality and imagination, with the Seima Life and Seima Smart products.

The names of many of the ranges are inspired by the founders’ Greek heritage.

“The names of the Ranges within the Collections are all borrowed from Greek islands, rivers or towns,” Victoria said.

“For example, ‘Lithos’ is an ancient Greek name for stone, while ‘Limni’ means lake in Greek, a nod to the meandering form of products in our Limni range.”

Discover a Seima Collection that’s in flow with you and your next project by visiting our Collections page.

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