Introducing Smartfill™

A revolutionary new bath system by Seima

Smartfill is a revolutionary new bath system by Seima, overflowing with potential for designers, builders, plumbers and users alike.

Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, Smartfill offers complete flexibility for designers, allowing them the freedom to dictate the placement of a bath without the constraints of a spout; quick and easy installation for plumbers; and a safe, comfortable bathing experience for users.

All product innovations have one thing in common:
they start with a problem.

And if there’s a universal problem faced by designers and plumbers alike, it’s how — and where — to install a freestanding bath.

While centrally-placed freestanding baths add a luxurious touch to any bathroom or bedroom, they traditionally require a chunky bath filler, or an expensive and damage-prone floor-mounted spout to fill…until now.

An Australian First

Smartfill’s clever and compact design ensures it fits most freestanding baths, and being available in a range of colours, will compliment the aesthetic of any bathroom.

Quick and easy to install, Smartfill removes the typical risks involved with installing freestanding baths and traditional plumbing fixtures, making a plumber’s job a breeze.

And as for bath lovers? They can soak in the knowledge that their bath has been filled with state-of-the-art technology, design and manufactured in Australia, by a proudly Australian company.

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